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What I Offer

In today's world, many of us feel alienated, "othered" by the world we live in. It is as though we are expected to be other than who we are by our families, by our schools, and work sites. To get along, we lose sight of ourselves. Later, we may wonder why we feel so tired, so burdened, so unsupported. We may notice that how we talk to ourselves is also negative and unsupportive.

Everyone wants to feel they belong somewhere, that they are seen and heard as who they are, and that they have support in that and in becoming even more comfortably themselves in the future.


I do both deep and reflective work, balanced with embodiment practices. I am interested in providing a safe and supportive environment in which healing can take place. I am licensed in California, and see clients both in-person and by Telehealth.

I charge private clients $100/session. Through my association with the Community Counseling Center (San Luis Obispo), I accept CenCal/Holman Group clients, and I also maintain a limited number of sliding scale openings.”


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The photograph on my home page is a visual metaphor of life for me, with its broad vista.

The individual oaks display the beauty uniquely shaped through time and the environment.

The sunlight is more than a source of illumination. It is also sparkling with energy as it touches the trees.

The colors, the shapes, are beautiful just as they are.

We, too, reflect more of life as we grow older.

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